We love John Barnes

We love John Barnes,
We love John Barnes,
J.B. - We love Johnny on the ball.
He's fantastic,
Legs Elastic,
He stands proud while all defenders fall.
Shout it loud like,
Shout it all around like,
Shout it in the ground like,
Or anywhere at all, that -
We love John Barnes,
We love John Barnes,
We love John Barnes,
Johnny on the ball.

Sander Westerveld

He's big
He's Dutch
We like him very much
Westerveld Westerveld

Robbie Fowler

When the ball hits the net
Its a fairly safe bet that its Fowler
Robbie Fowler

And When Liverpool score
You will hear the Kop roar "Oh, its Fowler
Robbie Fowler"

Ian Rush, Roger Hunt
Who's the best man up front? "Oh, its Fowler
Robbie Fowler"

He's the King of the Kop
He's the best of the lot
Robbie Fowler
(lag: That's Amore)

Tell me ma

Tell me ma me ma
to put the champagne on ice
course we're going to Cardiff twice
Tell me ma me ma

Tell me mam, me mam.
I don't want no tea, no tea
I'm going to Germany
Tell me mam, me mam
(lag: Que Sera Que Sera)

Anfield Rap (bikarsöngurinn 85-86)

Liverpool F.C. is hard as hell
United, Tottenham, Arsenal
Watch my lips, and I will spell
'cause they don't just play, but they can rap aswell

Liverpool F.C.
Liverpool F.C.

My idea was to build Liverpool into a bastion of invincibility...


...had Napoleon had that idea he'd have conquered the bloody world [rödd Bill Shankly]

Walk on... walk on... with hope... in your heart... and you'll ne... ver walk... alone

Alright Aldo
Sound as a pound
I'm cushty la but there's nothing down
The rest of the lads ain't got it sussed
We'll have to learn 'em to talk like us

Well I'm rapping now, I'm rapping for fun
I'm your goalie, the number one
You can take the mick, don't call me a clown
Any more lip and you're going down

Alright Ace, we're great me and you
But the other lads don't talk like we do
No they don't talk like we do, do they do la
We'll have to learn 'em to talk propah

Walk on... walk on... with hope... in your heart... and you'll ne... ver walk... alone

You two scousers are always yapping
I'm gonna show you some serious rapping
I come from Jamaica, my name is John Barn-es
When I do my thing the crowd go bananas

How's he doing the Jamaica rap?
He's from just south of the Watford Gap
He gives us stick about the north/south divide
'cause they got the jobs
Yeah, but we got the side

Well I came to England looking for fame
So come on Kenny man, give us a game
'cause I'm sat on the bench paying my dues with the blues
I'm very big down under, but my wife disagrees

They've won the league, bigger stars than Dallas
They got more silver than Buckingham Palace
No-one knows quite what to expect
When the red machine's in full effect

Well Steve McMahon sure can rap
It's about time he had an England cap
So come on Bobby Robson, he's the man
'cause if anyone can, Macca can
Macca-can... Macca-can... Macca-can... Macca-can...

Liverpool F.C. is hard as hell

My idea was to build Liverpool up and up and up until eventually they would be untouchable. Everybody would have to submit. Give in, give in, give in

We're Ireland lads
Och-ai the noo
And there's four of us
And only two of you
So if you want nai trouble
And you don't want a slap
You'd better teach us the Anfield rap

Don't forget us paddies
And me the Great Dane
And I'm from London mate so watch your game
Well you two scousers, you're always squaking
But we'll just let our feet do the talking

Our lads have come from all over the place
They talk dead funny, but they play dead great
Well now we've gotta learn 'em to talk real cool
The song you've gotta learn if you're Liverpool

Walk on... walk on... with hope... in your heart... and you'll ne... ver walk... alone

You'll never walk alone

Ho-ho my word
That's unbelievable, it really is
I think they should stick to playing football. Terrible
What do you think Kenny?
Oh yeah!

Bill Shankly from Glenbuck

It was on a cold December's day
Back in 1959
That man came down from Huddersfield Town
To lead the Anfield line
He bought Yeats from Dundee and St John
And the football world was shook
This man became a legend -
Bill Shankly from Glenbuck

But with Shankly gone we sang 'Walk On'
but feared we'd walk alone
And the search was on to find the one
Who would fill the masters' throne
And the man we found became renowned
Throughout the football game
Three European cups - six championships
Bob Paisley was his name

And when Bob stepped down he left his crown inside his Anfield home
Where Joe Fagan came and brough new fame with a treble won in Rome
Tho' the Heysel year left Joe in Tears
The following year he'd sing
When we won the league and the FA Cup

And Kenny was our King
When he played in red Bob Paisley said
He's the best he's ever seen
and the team he built in 88 ruled the football world supreme
And tho Hillsborough left us all bereft and the kop bedecked in flowers
Kenny proved he truly was our king in Anfield's darkest hour

Now the mantle has passed to a man from France
and Houllier we praise
And we sing 'Walk On' and the kop's in song

As we savour glory days
Days of ball-to-feet, days of victory sweet
Days of passion, guile and fire
Its the legacy of a man so great -
Bill Shankly from Ayrshire